Dr. Ralph Ricco
Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor, Educator and Pastoral Care Director 

"I have known Dr. Gary Musgrove for many years. He is a fine gentleman and knows the Lord!  Gary Has founded, lead and directed Christian endeavors and God has used him in a wonderful way.

Dr. Musgrove deserves the best when he is involved with people. He is gentle and kind in his dealings with others.
Please use me for other references for Gary when there is a need. "

Rev. Joseph Wright
EM Pastor at Vietnamese Baptist Church of Garland Texas

"I would like to take a moment to encourage you in welcoming to your ministry Dr. Gary and Anne Musgrove. I have known them for 15 years and they have been a tremendous encouragement and help to both me and my family. It was through their ministry that I obtained my ordination to become a pastor, and furthermore, they equipped me with God's Word and His wisdom for ministry. I know you will enjoy listening to Dr. Musgrove minister the Word of God and encourage those of your care and relationship. So this letter comes to you from my heart in recommending Dr. Musgrove as you allow him to teach and share God's Spirit, God's heart and His unchanging words."

Alton Gansky
Author of many award winning Novels,  J.D. Stanton Mysteries, Publisher and Editor

Gary Tachell
Tachell Films, Cinematographer, Producer, Director

Dr. Verda Thompson
Founder American Mission Teams, Kings Word Academy and I.C.B.T.

Over the past 26 years I have known Dr. Gary Musgrove as a mentor, friend and pastor.

In 1987 I first knew him when I was a graduate student at the Ministry School where he was my instructor, and Executive Pastor of Living Word Fellowship, Ventura Cal. I later served as the administrator of Golden Grain Bible College, where he served as President. Dr. Musgrove was a catalyst in encouraging my gifts as a teacher and administrator.

Established in 1990 as a ministry to the nations, International College of Theology and American Mission Teams,  has numerous school sites located in 110 countries, and 50 networking school sites in the United States. Many of Dr. Gary Musgrove's teachings have served as the foundation of courses offered by ICBT. In the early years of ICBT's development, he helped to establish relationships and networks in the Midwest, which have served as the foundation of many ongoing school sites.

Dr. Gary Musgrove and his wife, Anne, remain networking members of American Mission Teams Evangelistic Organization and ICBT as we continue to have a mutual exchange of educational materials.

I would recommend use of Dr. Gary Musgrove's gifts as a teacher of God's Word to anyone who desires to be encouraged by the uncompromised truth.

Dr. Warren Walker
Minister, Educator, Author, Fellow of I.A.E

Without question, Dr. Gary Musgrove is the most outstanding preacher living today. His delivery, knowledge of the Word  inspiring and warm touching of peoples lives have touched multiplied thousands in many countries. He is an educator, pastor, evangelist and teacher with an anointed gift of prophetic understanding. He has been liaison for Universities and Leaders in many countries including Africa, South America, and Europe. He has interviewed world leaders and directed peaceful transitions in government. I encourage you to open your heart to his ministry. It will benefit those of your care and never be intrusive or divisive toward your leadership.

Dr. Rolf K. McPherson
President International Church of the Foursquare Gospel

"It is with great appreciation for your ministry as Pastor of  Angelus Temple and deepest regret that we accept your resignation as Pastor of Angelus Temple. The soundness of your reasoning  convinced us that we should release you to follow the direction you feel God has given you.

Gary, we dearly love you and want to be of assistance to you in this change of ministry."

You were selected to be the Pastor of Angelus Temple, to carry on the leadership of the Historic Headquarters Church of the International Church of the Foursquare and because of your proven ministry within the Foursquare Denomination. Thank you for your years of service as the Pastor of several churches as well as holding leadership postions within the International Church, Cabinet and Board and the Western District, You are loved and respected. Your heritage and anointing prove to be an inspiration to us all.

Rev. Alvin Adams
Senior Pastor and Co-founder  Noah's Ark Fellowship, Inc.

Dr. Percy Brewster Minister of City Temple
Cardiff Wales and Secretary-General of the Elim Churches Europe and Sec. of the Advisory Committee of the Pentecostal World Conference

Frances J. Roberts
Author of "Come Away My Beloved" " Total Love" and many other books

Rev. Alan Porter
Sr. Pastor Equality Christian Center, Illinois

Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho
Founder of Yoido Full Gospel Central Church in Seoul, Korea,  Author,
In 1986 his church had grown to 530,000 members. He is now ambassador at large to the world-wide Church.


Commendations and Referrals from the following who
are now in the presence of the Lord:

Dr. Thompson Eade, Dr. Oral Roberts, Dr. John Holland,

Dr. Nwulu, Nigeria, Dr. R. McPherson, Dr. Stuart McBirney,

Johnny Cash, Rev. Ada Teeple, Judson Cornwall,  

William Lasky, Demos Shakarian, Ronald Reagan,

and many others internationally