Tuition and Fees


Audit Student
$25.00 Registration
$10.00/credit hour

Certificate Students
$100.00 Registration
$75.00/credit hour

Correspondence Students
$100 Registration
$75/credit hour

Degree students
$100.00 Registration
$75.00/credit hour

Graduate Students
$100.00 registration
$80 - $140/credit hour
(depending upon amount of mentoring time required)

One time charge: $150.00, plus $15 per each credit received, for all non-audit students who required assessment of credits for transfer/life experience credit evaluation will be charged.

Add/Transfer Fee:  $3.00 each charge
Request for Transcripts:  $10.00 each
Graduation Fee:  $100.00 minimum

* CFCU notes, supplies and text books are purchased separately but may be obtained at a discount.