Our Vision


Unity - To build up the body of Christ by networking with churches as
well as with local and international ministries. This networking is to provide seasoned leadership ministries to the church, to encourage unity and fellowship among pastors, church leadership and para-church groups through active service.

Gospel - To go with the lifeline of the gospel in order to educate with love, integrity and without compromise.

One Cross For All - To work for unity, fellowship and progress and proclaim one cross for all cultures, races, denominations, and people. To create a path through CFCU to all who desire to join with us for a common goal and the highest good.

Go Ye - To go wherever there is a need whether it be to the rich or poor; large or small churches; free or bound; culturally similar or dissimilar. We choose to go where many fail to go and meet the needs before us.

The Called - To make available opportunities to those called to minister and to expand their horizons through new associates and experiences. To aid new and/or younger ministers in fulfilling God's call on their lives.

Education - God has charged us with propagating the gospel through education to whomsoever will partake. This education is available through foundational schools that teach the basics of Christianity as well as schooling for those seeking more in-depth levels in Christian teaching.